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Nothing can beat a good back rub after a long day of work. It is one of the best way to soothe tired and aching muscles after a warm bath. It can be used as a stimulant or a relaxant, or both. For medical practitioners, a therapeutic back rub provides an opportunity for them to observe the skin for signs of breakdown. While to partners, it provides a means of non-verbal communication. The recipient of the back rub or back massage however, receives improvement in circulation.

Techniques for a Back Massage

Before starting the back rub, there are a few reminders for safety and comfort of the recipient of the massage:

  • Massage oil or lotion should be warmed before applying on the skin
  • Back rub or massage is contraindicated for individuals who has had back surgery or has fractured ribs

If you are the individual that will receive the massage, you can lie down on your abdomen. The following are the recommended techniques for administering a back rub or massage:

1. Begin the back rub by using long, rhythmic, firm strokes along the length of the buttocks and back, across the upper shoulder. This is relaxing stroke.

2. Keep the hands and fingers together on the skin at all times and follow the muscle groups while moving up the back.

3. Then, use the following strokes on the back to promote stimulation:

  • Move the hands in circular motion and move rapidly and firmly while producing friction between the skin and underlying tissues. Use these strokes on the buttocks, the length of the back and across the shoulders.
  • Strike the back with the side of the hands and pick up areas of the skin between the fingers. These strokes are especially effective as one moves up on either side of the spine, along the top of the shoulders and up to the nape of the neck.

4. Return to the long rhythmic strokes to promote relaxation. Include massaging at the back of the neck.

5. Use firm strokes but gradually allow them to become somewhat lighter as the back rub is ending. Use only sufficient pressure at the end to prevent a tickling sensation for the individual receiving the massage.


The massage is a therapeutic measure that dates back many years. The prestige of a back massage has increased with recent studies that illustrate psychological and therapeutic values of touch and the "laying of the hands." In the earlier times, you either have to wait or set an appointment before you get to enjoy a satisfying back massage. You are lucky if someone at home knows how to administer a back massage.

But during these times, few people can really say they know how to perform a massage without adding injury or stress to an individual. At this time and age of advanced technology, a therapeutic massage can now be enjoyed with a click of a button. You can even choose how much pressure you want to receive as well as colors and designs like the highly impressive leather massage chair which can fit any office interior.

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